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Our Services

Supporting women and families facing unexpected pregnancies

Even though Roe v. Wade has been overturned, that doesn't change how Illinois operates. Many women will flee to Illinois seeking abortion care, because the states around us have eliminated or limited abortions. Choices Pregnancy & Health continues to be a Christ-centered Ministry that acknowledges the absolute worth of all human life and exists to provide accurate information, compassionate care and practical assistance to those affected by a possible unplanned pregnancy and related issues.

Pregnancy decisions & Beyond

All our services are offered at no cost to our clients. Ultrasounds are one of our most-requested services. Studies have shown that up to 80% of abortion-minded women who see their unborn child via ultrasound will choose life for that child. 


For moms and couples who have chosen to parent, we provide pregnancy and parenting education programs. Clients and their partners learn essential skills which equip them to become successful parents. This is an incentive-based program through which clients earn participation points which can then be spent in our Baby Boutique for necessary items such as baby clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. All the items in our Baby Boutique are supplied through donations from individuals, churches and organizations.

If our clients choose to make an adoption plan, we provide referrals for adoption agencies and pro-life adoption attorneys so they have the support they need.

For women who have had an abortion in the past, we can provide individual or group abortion recovery support and bible studies.


Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Options consultations

  • Abortion information

  • Pregnancy support and assistance
  • Limited obstetrical ultrasounds
  • Parenting classes and education
  • Abortion recovery

  • Community Referrals

Have a heart for helping families and a passion for life? Join our team!

Choices Pregnancy & Health

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Choices Pregnancy & Health is a 501-c3 faith-based non-profit in the state of Illinois. We exist to help women and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by providing factual, life-affirming information about all their options in a safe, loving, nonjudgmental environment.

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